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Behind us are the next two International exhibitions in Gorzów and Sopot. Our girls did a great job and they did not let us down. With CACIB / CWC results, Donka finished Grand Champion of Poland. Fifi won the silver and bronze medal, and the youngest Pola appeared in the puppy class and received high marks. 2x The Most Beautiful Puppy. From the descriptions of the judges, we can conclude that perhaps she will follow in Donka's footsteps. We keep our fingers crossed for her. All three girls became friends, which we are proud of.

Best Regards,



We wanted to inform you that we are already after another two international exhibitions in Leszno and Szczecin. Our girls have been very successful and we are very proud of that. We have won gold, silver and bronze. Our youngest Pola started exhibitions from a younger puppy. She got the highest marks on encores and won the title of the most beautiful young puppy from many other puppies. Now 15/08/2018 we're going to the International Exhibition to Gorzów Wlkp.



Finally, a well-deserved rest. We are sunbathing and relaxing in the sun. It is true that our volcano of energy, Pola, teases us a little, but we manage. She is tiny and wants to play all the time. We wish you a nice rest and a lot of sunshine.

Donka, Fifi, Pola

Talk to you soon!

We want to share our new happiness with you. On 4.04.2018 we were joined by a beautiful black standard schnauzer. She comes from the breeder Ms. Monika Apolinarska. Mother is TOOTSIE Ma-La-Wa Poland /FCI/, fatheris FAUST BLACK Grand Calvera. Donusia and Fifka received her very warmly. All three girls became friends right away. Love at first sight. We will inform you about our progress on a regular basis.

Best Regards

We are happy to announce that we already have new homes. We are full of hope that the new owners will love us very much and will be pleased and we will try to repay you. For the time being, we bring a lot of joy to our caregivers. We are still waiting for a breeding review and vaccination. At the end of March, we're preparing to move.

Sweet rascals,

Atenka, Ana i Anatol