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About Us

Our adventure with dogs began quite by accident. Friends want us to give up under the constant care the 5 year old schnauzer, then they changed they mind. We were disappointed and started looking for a puppy. We found breeding Kerry Bolero from Mrs. Iwona Barwińska. And in it our beloved Donka. Donusia was born on 08/21/2014 and has established itself with us since 11/03/2014. From the beginning, she was friendly, quiet, with a great sense of humor. There was and there is no problems with its training. She loves children, fun and people. From puppy to the present day she wins exhibitions and contests. Donusia is our greatest treasure and friend. Obedient, devoted, wise and not causing any trouble with her training. We love her and we will never replace her with 5 year old dog. She is raised in exteriors.